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Designations: REALTOR®

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“My name is Huei-Cheng Lin, but everyone calls me YY, either in English or in Chinese.”

Born and raised in Taiwan, YY has spent most of her life in the U.S. She speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese, as well as Taiwanese/Southern Min.

YY studied Chinese literature at National Taiwan University. She came to the US on her sabbatical leave from her editor job, then earned her M.S. in cultural anthropology at Rutgers University in NJ.  Later on, she earned an M.S. in education at State University of New York in Albany.

Following her husband’s job, YY and her family have been relocated several times. “I know how the families feel and what they are going through.” They lived in NJ, DE, CA & NY. Now she lives with her husband in Boise Idaho. “This is the hidden gem! We are telling all the friends to check it out here in Boise.” BHHS helped them to sell their house in NY and settle down in Boise. “We had a great client experience with BHHS, therefore I decided to join BHHS [as a REALTOR®].”

Besides real estate, YY also works as a tax pro during tax season. “The more you know about the tax laws, the better you can plan for your family.” Before YY moved to Boise with her husband, she taught Chinese at college and prep school for years in upstate New York. She also worked as an editor in Taiwan. Some people she met in Boise told her, “I grew up with your books!”

“It makes me want to cry, knowing what I did really touched people’s life…”

Allow YY to touch YOUR life with her pleasant humor, knowledge, and the gift of selling your home or finding you just the *right* one!

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