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WE SUPPORT LOCAL! – Wild Phyllis Bakery

BHHS Idaho Realty is proud to support local makers and doers! 

In this FIRST “We Support Local” edition, we would like to feature a wonderful, 1-year-young bakery that sprang from COVID-19-related financial need and innovation.

Wild Phyllis Bakery was started by Meredith Bakeher, using her 23-year-old, wild-yeast sourdough starter, named – you guessed it – “Wild Phyllis.”  (Yes – sourdough bakers name their starters!  They are, after all, living organisms!)

What started in March, 2020 as an in-home bakery is now a brick-and-mortar shop on Fairview Avenue, thanks to Meredith teaming up with one of our office’s agents, Jeanne Bridges, who also happens to be an entrepreneur exraordinaire.

The bakery produces lovely, easily-digestible baked goods, due to the long fermentation process of sourdough baking.  This is a boon for gluten-intolerant people, including Jeanne!  She (and many others) can now eat bread and other goodies without the discomfort caused by traditional baked goods!  

Some of the Wild Phyllis offerings include: Grisini, Soudough Loaves, Challah, Cinnamon Rolls, English Muffins, Special-Order Cakes & Pies and,my favorite, Cruffins (croissants in muffin shape, frequently with very tasty sweet or savory filllings)!

To read up on the rest of the startup story, go to the Wild Phyllis Bakery website at  And, while you are there, explore the rest of the site to see the bakery hours, menu, and online ordering options!

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