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Photo courtesy of Boise City Parks and Recreation Department

Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park

Since today’s ‘Fun Fact Friday’ post coincides with International Women’s Day, we thought it would be fun to focus on Boise’s “Ribbon of Jewels” – which honors some of the remarkable women of Boise!

DID YOU KNOW?  Boise, Idaho has the beautiful Boise River… Continue reading

FUN FACT FRIDAY – BLM Idaho’s Bombastic Bugs!

Photo courtesy of BLM Idaho's Facebook page

Toadflax Stem Weevil on Dalmation Toadflax

DID YOU KNOW?  BLM Idaho is using bugs to control invasive plant species!  These specially-adapted bugs are known as biological control agents.  Some of the invasive plants in Idaho and their corresponding “bombastic bugs” include:


Photo courtesy of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Bogus Basin Illuminated

DID YOU KNOW?  Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is the largest non-profit ski area in the United States!

How did we get there?  It’s in our blood.  We Idahoans love our outdoor recreation – and no wonder – we have THE BEST playground in the world!  Idaho… Continue reading

FUN FACT FRIDAY – The Great Seal of Idaho

Photograph of Emma Edwards Green, Idaho State Archives

DID YOU KNOW?  Idaho is the only state to have our Great Seal designed by a woman! 

After Idaho became a state, it was determined that we needed a Great Seal.  The First Legislature of the new state sponsored a competition for… Continue reading


Photo courtesy of Rick Just - Speaking of Idaho

Boise’s Geothermal Building Plaque – designed by Boise artist Ward Hooper

DID YOU KNOW?  Boise, Idaho has the United States’ oldest geothermal district!  Founded in 1892, this district has become the largest geothermal heating district in the world, heating over 90 buildings in the downtown area.  This includes… Continue reading

FUN FACT FRIDAY – Idaho Basques & Papa Hemingway

Photo courtesy of the Basque Museum, Boise, Idaho

Basque Museum Sign – Boise, Idaho

DID YOU KNOW?  Boise, Idaho is home to the largest Basque population outside of the Basque Country – a region in northern Spain roughly double the size of the Treasure Valley!

In downtown Boise, we have a Basque Museum and Cultural Center,… Continue reading


The world's first snow ski chair lift is ready for a round of testing to determine a comfortable speed for snow skiers to get on and off the lift.  Photo courtesy of

World’s First Chairlift Prototype

YES!!!  We have SNOW!!!  This week’s precipitation has been a boon for our state, as we are finally beginning to receive the snow we need to restore our watershed – and cover our ski areas with the great white stuff!  Which prompts me to choose… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday – Star Garnets

Welcome to our first “Fun Fact Friday” post – hopefully to be continued throughout 2024!

This first week of January, we thought it would be fun to focus on the January birthstone – the GARNET!  Both the modern and traditional birthstone for January is garnet.  It also has a deep… Continue reading

APR: The Real Mortgage Rate?

Advertised mortgage rates look tempting, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the rate you’ll pay. You have to qualify to receive the best rates with excellent credit and work histories. According to, interest rates are the annual cost of a loan to the borrower expressed as a… Continue reading

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